Something about attitude…

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

What you should know about Nitrogods:

“Nitrogods is a no bullshit Rock´n Roll band.

We won´t sell stuff that is not what it seems to be.
Attitude was one reason for the birth of this band. Another is pure lust in playing our music and pride for keeping things real.”

Looking back at 20 years of Rock´n Roll, the members of Nitrogods ain´t exactly new to the business.

Henny Wolter and Klaus Sperling have shared stages with the likes of Motörhead, Kiss and Status Quo while being in their former bands Thunderhead, Sinner and Primal Fear. Henny played guitar for rock greats such as Nazareth´s Dan McCafferty and Lou Gramm of Foreigner.

After his second departure from Primal Fear in 2010, Henny decided it was time to go back to his musical roots and start a new band that should focus on simple blues based, hard and dirty Rock´n Roll.

Sharing the same influences, like The Who, Rose Tattoo or Motörhead the threepiece agreed they wanted to get away from the usual way most modern rock productions sound.
Using all the modern technology and correcting every little mistake takes away from the edge and roughness that makes Rock´n Roll what it is.

„So we started writing over at Oimel´s house, listening to The Clash and drinking lots of Tullamore Dew. We came up with this odd sounding psychobilly meets metal stuff with a heavy dose of blues. Back in my studio I started recording guitars and soon found  they wouldn´t work the way we wanted to sound. I called up a friend who gave me a 66 Gretsch wich turned out to be  the main guitar I used  on the album. Run through an old AC30.

During the production, we played the tunes to a couple of friends. Since Oimel had worked with Motörhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke in a band called Bastards, we asked Eddie if he would like to play on the album. He gave us a great solo on „Wasted in Berlin“.

And to our greatest  joy, one of  Rock´n Roll´s best voices ever,  Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty with whom Henny had played on the „Rock meets Classic Tour 2010“ sang on „Whiskey Wonderland“. It was the perfect song for his outstanding voice.

To us, Nitrogods is the musical fulfilling of a long-standing wish and dream.
May it be a good time of full blown Rock´n Roll to you.